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[Lapack] totally confused about lapack

Hi Horace,
Indeed build LAPACK for Windows is tricky.
I need a little bit more information.
What development platform are you using on your Windows machine?

I would give a try to the CMAKE build, it will propose all kind of builds for 
your machine.
We are working on creating Video tutorials for LAPACK 
here is one for CMAKE -

LAPACK is a fortran based Library, so you need a Fortran compiler on your 
From Windows, you can use the Fortran compiler shipped with Mingw, Cygwin, or 
the INTEL Fortran Compiler (Commercial Compiler)
A BLAS library  is mandatory to run LAPACK - We ship the Reference BLAS library 
with LAPACK, This is very good to test your program. Nonetheless, the Reference 
BLAS will give you poor performance. Best is to use one of the optimized BLAS 
library (Intel MKL, ACML, Atlas, etc.)
LAPACKE is the new C wrapper for LAPACK - It is also shipped with the LAPACK 
library. It allows you to interface easily with your C program when you call 
LAPACK routines.

Hope it helps

On Aug 14, 2014, at 1:30 PM, horace <horacetso@Domain.Removed> wrote:

Hey guys, after reading thru what you have on

I'm still confused about what's the right lib/DLL for the windows platform.

Here is the basic info : 32-bit Windows 7, gcc 4.5, so i program in C (Not 
Visual Studio C++ though)

My Qs are,

- what's the difference btwn Ref BLAS, LAPACK, LAPACKE ? which one(s) should 
i download and put into my windows
- what is the proper procedure to install the DLL ?

I've just tried install "liblapacke.dll" taken from LAPACKE section, and it 
failed to register using regvcs32.exe

Pls help.

Horace W Tso

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