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[Lapack] Bringing up lapack on a new architecture (origins of CLAPACK?)


I'm bringing up our libraries & runtimes on a new processor architecture, and 
just started in on lapack.  As our compiler is LLVM based, there is no Fortran 
front end, so I turned to using the venerable f2c tool.  Which works fine until 
I hit constructs that post-date F77, such as CYCLE/EXIT/RECURSIVE/LEN_TRIM?

I've modified my copy of f2c to support some of these, but when I hit MAXLOC, I 
started looking around, and discovered that the CLAPACK content already had 
support for LEN_TRIM and MAXLOC in the f2clib support code.  Which strongly 
implies that there exists an f2c version which already has implemented these 
intrinsics/new constructs.

Does anyone know if this really is/was the case, and if so, where I can find 
said version of f2c?  I do not seem to be able to find one (so far) which 
handles the above-listed features.

Thanks in advance,

        Richard Gorton
        Cognitive Electronics

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