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[Lapack] lapacke.h should be more C++ friendly.


Apologies if this isn?t the correct mechanism to report a bug.  I can?t seem to 
find a proper bug-tracker.

I think lapacke.h should prefer to use C++ complex types via <complex> when 
compiling within C++ instead of using C99 <complex.h>.

On GCC, complex.h includes the C99 complex.h for C compatibility 
To avoid whether or not this is a GCC issue, lapacke.h could add to the top of 
it?s file somewhere:

#ifdef __cplusplus
    #ifndef lapack_complex_float
        #include <complex>
        #define lapack_complex_float std::complex<float>

    #ifndef lapack_complex_double
        #include <complex>
        #define lapack_complex_double std::complex<double>

which would still retain all the current features (custom float/imaginary 
types) while maintaining better default compatibility with C++ out-of-the-box.


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