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[Lapack] Bringing up lapack on a new architecture (origins of CLAPACK?)

Hi Richard,
The latest f2c library is included in the latest CLAPACK package - CLAPACK 
3.2.1 - You can download it from

As you know CLAPACK is no longer maintained. We would recommend  tofind a way 
to link directly with the Fortran LAPACK or use the LAPACKE (C standard 
Did you check
That could help you bringing LAPACK to your LLVM based compiler.

Hope it helps
On Sep 3, 2014, at 12:06 PM, Richard Gorton <rcgorton@Domain.Removed> wrote:


I'm bringing up our libraries & runtimes on a new processor architecture, and 
just started in on lapack.  As our compiler is LLVM based, there is no 
Fortran front end, so I turned to using the venerable f2c tool.  Which works 
fine until I hit constructs that post-date F77, such as 

I've modified my copy of f2c to support some of these, but when I hit MAXLOC, 
I started looking around, and discovered that the CLAPACK content already had 
support for LEN_TRIM and MAXLOC in the f2clib support code.  Which strongly 
implies that there exists an f2c version which already has implemented these 
intrinsics/new constructs.

Does anyone know if this really is/was the case, and if so, where I can find 
said version of f2c?  I do not seem to be able to find one (so far) which 
handles the above-listed features.

Thanks in advance,

      Richard Gorton
      Cognitive Electronics
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