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[Lapack] floating point with clapack?

Dear Juan,
CLAPACK is no longer maintained.
For Windows, You can build LAPACK and LAPACKE (the C Standard Interface to 

If you wish to modify the CLAPACK build just look at the build section here:
Just change the configuration as you wish.
Hope it helps
On Sep 9, 2014, at 8:36 AM, Juan Sanchez <juan.e.sanchez@Domain.Removed> wrote:


Thank you for putting together the CLAPACK for windows.  I noticed that there 
are no floating point precision flags set in CMakeLists.txt.  My concern is 
that by default,


is used in Visual Studio 2013.  This means that exceptions are not handled 
immediately, and that some unsafe optimization may be used.

Would it be possible to set the default to


More information is available here:

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