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[Lapack] EIG tests failed


Thank you for being available to look at this issue. 

I compiled the BLAS and LAPACK lib successfully on a msys environment hosted on 
a Windows 7,???with the mingw32 gfortran 
compiler(x86_64-w64-mingw32-gfortran.exe) tools and mingw32 utils ar etc.

All tests ran successfully incl the LSAME, SLAMCH, SECOND, DSECND, testieee, 
all the LIN, xlintst(x) tests also ran fine.

although the xeigtst(x).exe were created, the xeigtst(x) < etc all 
failed. giving a Windows messagebox dialog about it stopped working to 
Debug/Cloee program which most likely is Windows way of expressing a 
segmentation fault. 

Thank you

Sharad Honavar? 

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