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[Lapack] lapack + LLVM: variant on second_()

As part of our bring-up of a new architecture (we use LLVM exclusively) I found 
it useful to create a new variant of the second_() routine: second_CYCLE_TIME.c 
 Here is the source in case others find a need to capture cycle times (instead 
of wall clock times)


// Cognitive wrapper for dealing with the Fortran CPU_TIME intrinsic.
// Grab the cycle counter, and return it as a float or double, just like
// the fortran code does.
#include <stdint.h>

#if !defined(__llvm__)
#if defined (__x86_64)
uint64_t __builtin_readcyclecounter()
    uint32_t hi, lo;
    __asm__ __volatile__ ("rdtsc" : "=a"(lo), "=d"(hi));
    return ( ((uint64_t)lo) | (((uint64_t)hi)<<32) );
#error Need an implementation of __builtin_readcyclecounter

float second_()
    float       result;
    uint64_t    cycles = __builtin_readcyclecounter();

    result = (float) cycles;

    return result;

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