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[Lapack] LAPACK mac install

Just copy the to
Edit the if necessary, especially the BLASLIB variable if you are 
using an optimized BLAS library.
Type "make" to compile the package.
Type "make blaslib" before if you decided to use the reference BLAS.
Hope it helps

On Oct 1, 2014, at 8:08 AM, Paul Golby <paul_golby@Domain.Removed> wrote:

Dear lapack team

I am trying to install the software GEMMA on my macbook air (OS X v 10.9). In 
order to install this software I have to first install the libraries GSL and 
LAPACK. I managed to install GSL with no problems but installation of LAPACK 
is proving problematic. I have downloaded the source file lapack-3.5.0 and 
unpacked it. Could you tell me what are the next steps?


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