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[Lapack] LAPACK 3.5 -- xSYSV_ROOK

Hi LAPACK team,

It is great to see that LDL^T with rook pivoting made it into LAPACK 3.5.

I observed that xSYTRI_ROOK and xSYTRS_ROOK use only level 2 BLAS similar to 
xSYTRI and xSYTRS.  However, I have not found the level three BLAS counterpart 
of xSYTRI2 and xSYTRS2. This is an issue for MATLAB, as customers, not 
surprisingly, have found the performance of xSYTRI  not acceptable for large 
matrices. This will be the same for xSYTRI_ROOK. I am wondering what your plan 
is for applying what is done in xSYTRI2 to rook pivoting.

---Bobby Cheng

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