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[Lapack] Small improvements

Hi Pavel, we got all this in thanks to you, I believe. Thanks! Julien.

From: Pavel Holoborodko <pavel@Domain.Removed<mailto:pavel@Domain.Removed>>
Date: Thursday, November 27, 2014 at 5:59 PM
To: "lapack@Domain.Removed<mailto:lapack@Domain.Removed>" 
Subject: [Lapack] Small improvements

Dear LAPACK maintainers,

Thank you for your outstanding work!

I have been working on FORTRAN to C++ converter (yes, another one:)) using 
LAPACK as a test-bed.
I have found small inconsistencies in style/syntax in two routines.

Would appreciate if you would consider fixing it, as it will improve LAPACK 
coding style.

Although ZGEMM routine is used in the code, it is not listed in EXTERNAL 

This file has three different routines - DLADIV, DLADIV1, DLADIV2.

DLADIV2 has code in lower case:

         if( BR.NE.ZERO ) THEN

Notice "if" in lower case.

Thank you in advance,

Kind regards,
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