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[Lapack] How to solve the error: "cannot open include file: compile.h" i

Dear JunCheng,

The preprocessor flag to handle complex types are not set correctly... 
Specifically for LAPACKE, you need to add 
Preprocessor Definitions"
Also make sure you have all the LAPACKE includes.
Hope it helps
On Nov 26, 2014, at 5:11 PM, ?? <954852603@Domain.Removed> wrote:

Sorry to bother you again.

I encoutered a strange problem and need your help. I downloaded a visual 
studio solution, LAPACK_examples, at the website: 
"";, and it 
can be successfully built.  I created a new project (win32 console) to test 
the LAPCK by myself.
To my knowledge, I made the new project the same as the example project 
provided by you, including additional include dir,  additinal lib dir, and 
addtional dependencies. But strangely, when I built the new project, there 
was a fatal error: "fatal error C1083--cannot open include file:'complex.h': 
No such file or directory". I am confused with the same code and settings, 
why building the example provided by you, there is no error.  Is there any 
settings I neglected in visual studio that resulted in the error. Thank you 
for your time.

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