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[Lapack] Please help with the lapack installation

maybe try to type

           make blaslib

in your terminal before typing make


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Dear Lapack,

I have been struggling a long with lapack installation on my Opensuse 13.2 for 
a long time. It showed me an error that " recipe for target '../xblat1s' failed 
". How should I interpret that?

Any help  and response will be appreciated.

Below is the steps I followed to install it:

  1.  Download lapack from
  2.  Untar it to lapack, change to in lapack
  3.  In lapack, modify  Makefile so it contains:

    ( cd BLAS/SRC; $(MAKE) double)

lapacklib:    lapack_install
    ( cd SRC; $(MAKE) double )

lapackelib: lapacklib
    ( cd lapacke; $(MAKE) )

lapacke_example: lapackelib
    ( cd lapacke/example; $(MAKE) )

    ( cd SRC/VARIANTS ; $(MAKE))

    ( cd TESTING/MATGEN; $(MAKE) double)

lapack_testing:    lib
    ( cd TESTING ; $(MAKE) )

4.  Type make in the terminal.


Best Regards,


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