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[Lapack] scipy installation error

Dear Dharti,
Scipy is advising to install the LAPACK package supplied by your Linux 
This is a great advice
hope it helps

On Jul 15, 2015, at 10:19 PM, Dharti Patel <dhartispatel@Domain.Removed> 


In my first attempt to install scipy, i came across error: No Lapack/Blas 
resource found. 

in order to resolve that i followed all the step provided on the site. and 
with gfortran compiler able to compile file under lapack3.1 folder and now i 
have corresponding .exe file in build folder and .A file under lib folder 
underneath build folder where i did build lapack. 

Still LAPACK/BLAS resource found is not resolved when i try to install scipy. 
please help.

Thank You
Dharti Patel
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