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[Lapack] LAPACK: Did my patches arrive?

Dear Christoph,
you did some excellent work - Thank you
I just did a first commit (rev 1590) 
Please see my comment below

On Sep 14, 2015, at 12:20 PM, Christoph Conrads <cconrads@Domain.Removed> 

Dear Julie,

here is the original e-mail. I hope you find the patches useful.

Christoph Conrads

Begin forwarded message:

Date: Sat, 29 Aug 2015 18:09:26 +0200
From: Christoph Conrads <cconrads@Domain.Removed>
To: lapack@Domain.Removed
Subject: Documention and LAPACKE errors

Dear LAPACKers,

I noticed the following errors while I was browing the documentation
and trying to call functions from C++.

- LAPACK Doxygen documentation
The parameter M in the xORCSD2BY1 is not the number of columns of X and
there is no X12 (parameter P). Patch attached for SVN revision 1582.

Ok, confirmed and applied (I will forward this modification to our contributor)

- LAPACK Doxygen documentation
It says "non-negatibe" in the documentation of xLARFGP. Patch attached.

OK, good catch.

- Doxygen documentation
The Doxygen "project version" is still 3.4.2. The attached patch bumps
this to 3.6.0.

oups? committed the change. That time we will not forget to update it!

- Doxygen documentation
The Doxygen configuration file uses multiple obsolete tags and warnings
are shown right after starting Doxygen. The warnings are easy to see if
you set "QUIET = YES" in DOCS/Doxyfile.

ok - committed the change

In LAPACKE/README it says: "This implementation includes
interfaces for the LAPACK-3.2.1 Driver and Computational routines
only." This is incorrect because xLAPMT is missing and xLAPMR is
present. xLAPMR was added with LAPACK 3.3 (see the LAPACK 3.3 Release
Notes). xLASCL is missing as well and there should be no LAPACKE
interface for the Level 3 GSVD (xGGSVD3) assuming this is a LAPACK
3.2.1 interface.
Patch attached that makes the first argument to LAPACK_xlapmr const.
Patch attached that adds LAPACK_xlapmt (requires the const patch).
Patch attached for LAPACK_xlapmr_work that calls xLAPMT when the matrix
is in row-major format (compiles but untested).
I will take a closer look at it a little later.

There is no const qualifier for the parameter tol of LAPACK_xPSTRF and
other functions (xGGSVP3, xSYEVR, ...) in lapacke.h. From a language
point of view, Fortran 77 does not have "intent" declarations so all
parameters must be writable but then there should be no const
parameters at all in the C interface. I do not provide a patch because
there are too many functions with nonconst tolerance parameters and the
fix needs to be applied to c-files as well.

there are only a few differences between the C interface to LAPACK and the C 
interface to the BLAS. One of them is that there are no redundant const 
qualifiers for input scalar parameters

The C interfaces for the deprecated GSVD routines are still built with
cmake -DBUILD_DEPRECATED=OFF. This causes a linker error with cmake
-DBUILD_TESTING=ON as soon as the Fortran functions are not found in

The C declaration (lapacke.h:11840-11843) for xGGSVD3 is in a block
of #defines for LAPACK 3.2.X (see lapacke.h:12089,12122).
ok, moved them down.

There is no LAPACK_xorcsd2by1. Patch attached.
OK, we will work on adding LAPACK_xorcsd2by1 routines in LAPACKE

The URL listed for "LAPACK :: multishift QZ with early aggressive
deflation" is broken

- LAPACK User's Guide 4th Edition (SVN)
There is a syntax error in the bibtex file and the bibtex entry for
LAWN 203 is missing. Patch attached.
Cannot find the first error? which reference is it?

Christoph Conrads

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