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[Lapack] Fortran 77 Implementation

The BLAS directory is located inside LAPACK. If you type make blaslib, this 
should make a default non-optimized library: librefblas.a
The default non-optimized library is convenient for reference but is not 
We strongly recommend to use an optimized BLAS library. Most of the efficiency 
of LAPACK comes from an efficient library.
Example of BLAS libraries are given at:
There are also some optimized LAPACK library. For example the MKL library is 
pretty well optimized and contains all BLAS and all LAPACK. OpenBLAS has some 
optimized LAPACK subroutines. Etc.

From: <Stanley>, James 
Date: Friday, September 18, 2015 at 12:01 AM
To: "lapack@Domain.Removed<mailto:lapack@Domain.Removed>" 
Subject: [Lapack] Fortran 77 Implementation

There is a statement in your webpage that says,

A Fortran 77 reference implementation of the BLAS is available from netlib; 
however, its use is discouraged as it will not perform as well as a 
specifically tuned implementation.

Could you please let me which version of the LAPACK this is located?  I am 
attempting to parallelize some old legacy code and need a parallel matrix 
solver for a couple of matrices.  I plan to implement an OpenMP usage and have 
Intel Parallel Studio XE 2013 to compile the code on a Windows platform.

Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  The legacy code will 
not be changed to F90 even though it is a good option.  In addition, I am sure 
the new algorithms are much more efficient, but I have to use what I have for 
the time being.

Thank you for your LAPACK open source offering.

Best Regards,

James Stanley

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