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[Lapack] BLAS tarball versioning

Hi netlib folks,

Some of us over at LLNL (along with collaborators) have been working on an
HPC package manager called Spack [1].  Basically we're trying to encode
automatic, reproducible builds of HPC software, and LAPACK and BLAS are
fundamental pieces of this stack.

I have a small request.  Would it be possible to version the tarball you
post for BLAS, similarly to the way LAPACK is done?

Right now, BLAS only has a single download ,, for the
latest release:

LAPACK, on the other hand, keeps links to old versions:

The tarballs have version numbers appended.  Doing it this way allows our
tool to reliably download a particular version of BLAS, ensure that it
matches a checksum, and build it according to a saved specification.

Please let me know if it would be possible to change the BLAS tarball


[1] Spack:
Upcoming SC15 paper on the tool is attached.

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