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[Lapack] BLAS tarball versioning


Perfect!  This is just what I was looking for.  Based on this change, Mark
has been able to build a more reliable package for blas:

Which I'll put in the spack mainline.  Thanks!


From:  julie <julie@Domain.Removed>
Date:  Wednesday, October 7, 2015 at 6:37 PM
To:  "Miller, Mark C." <miller86@Domain.Removed>
Cc:  Todd Gamblin <tgamblin@Domain.Removed>, lapack <lapack@Domain.Removed>
Subject:  Re: [Lapack] BLAS tarball versioning

humm? did not though about that one
I only updated the <>  website

Now blas.tgz is a symbolic link to blas-3.5.0.tgz
and the website referenced only blas-3.5.0.tgz
If you open that blas.tgz the folder should be BLAS-3.5.0
it could be that the Netlib search engine get indexed during the night or

For the time being, please go directly to the BLAS website to download the
On Oct 7, 2015, at 6:29 PM, Miller, Mark C. <miller86@Domain.Removed> wrote:

Hi Julie,

Thanks so much for looking into this.

Quick question. When I go here to <>  and search
for blas, I get  blas/blas.tgz <>

So, no version number on the tarball names. Maybe when it untars it untars to
a version numbered dir? Or, maybe you add version number to a blas library at
a different URL?


From: julie <julie@Domain.Removed>
Date: Wednesday, October 7, 2015 6:03 PM
To: Todd Gamblin <tgamblin@Domain.Removed>
Cc: "lapack@Domain.Removed" <lapack@Domain.Removed>, "Miller, Mark C."
Subject: Re: [Lapack] BLAS tarball versioning

Until very recently the BLAS library did not have any versioning.
We decided to synchronize the BLAS version with LAPACK.
Yes, indeed it makes sense to add the version number to the tgz.
I just updated the BLAS website to reflect the change.
let me know if you have any comments/questions
On Sep 27, 2015, at 2:45 PM, Todd Gamblin <tgamblin@Domain.Removed> wrote:

Hi netlib folks,

Some of us over at LLNL (along with collaborators) have been working on an
HPC package manager called Spack [1].  Basically we're trying to encode
automatic, reproducible builds of HPC software, and LAPACK and BLAS are
fundamental pieces of this stack.

I have a small request.  Would it be possible to version the tarball you
post for BLAS, similarly to the way LAPACK is done?

Right now, BLAS only has a single download ,
<> , for the latest release:

LAPACK, on the other hand, keeps links to old versions:

The tarballs have version numbers appended.  Doing it this way allows our
tool to reliably download a particular version of BLAS, ensure that it
matches a checksum, and build it according to a saved specification.

Please let me know if it would be possible to change the BLAS tarball


[1] Spack:
Upcoming SC15 paper on the tool is attached.

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