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[Lapack] Another xyyCSD2BY1 doxygen patch

Thank you Christoph,
I just committed your patch in our repository
On Oct 23, 2015, at 4:45 AM, Christoph Conrads <cconrads@Domain.Removed> 


I noticed some errors in the Doxygen documentation for xyyCSD2BY1 and
fixed them. Patch attached with the following changes:
- remove reference to unitary matrix V2 from the full CSD
- fix LWORK description formatting
- xUNCSD2BY1: THETA is an array of real (math meaning) values
- xUNCSD2BY1: fix description of WORK
- xUNCSD2BY1: fix IWORK description formatting
- remove extra spaces to match the rest of the Doxygen documentation

Christoph Conrads
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