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[Scalapack] Error in Call of PCHEEVX

Hello everybody! I am trying to paralelize my sequential application
that uses lapack. I am writing a code using ScaLAPACK (compiled with
pgf90 from netlib),using the routine PCHEEVX. The code is very large and
probably has tons of bugs, but this one is kind of elusive to me. When
the routine PCHEEVX is called for determinacy of the paremeters for the
computation, I got the following error (mpirun -np 4):
p0_14109:  p4_error: interrupt SIGx: 4
Killed by signal 2.
Killed by signal 2.
Killed by signal 2.
I got this error from acml 2.5.0 libscalapack, or the pgf90 compiled
from pgi. All the tests from lapack to scalapack passing by the blacs
routines have be run, and successfully, with the same mpich that I use
for the main program or mpich error? I really think that is a bug in my
implementation of PCHEEVX, but some help with this error will help a

Many thanks. 

Ivan Marin
Laborat?rio de F?sica Computacional
Instituto de F?sica de S?o Carlos
Universidade de S?o Paulo

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