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[Scalapack] Parallel matrix solver

            Hi.  I'm trying to gain access to a parallel matrix solver
(specifically an LU decomposition one).  I found SCALAPACK on
and it seems to have what I need plus a lot more.  Installing SCALAPACK
seems an almost Herculian task, it needs BLACS, BLAS, which needs ATLAS,
and nothing seems Windows friendly in the least.  Is it possible to do
this on a Windows machine?  Or not worth the effort?  I've tried
installing ATLAS, but there are so many "look here for Windows" on the
installation that it's hopeless.  Same with BLACS, the first thing to do
on installing BLACS is modify the file, which does not exist.


            Bottomline, if all I really need is a LU decomposition
matrix solver is that in SCALAPACK, or are there easy ways for a
parallel solver?  


Thanks and confused,





Brent S. Paul

Hydrodynamic and Hydroacoustic Signatures      Anteon Corporation

Office:  (860) 462-1038                                      fax:  (860)



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