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[Scalapack] NB and MB in the example 1 program


This may not be considered much of a bug since MB must equal NB for
PDGESV (a rather well hidden fact), but I wonder if the fourth argument
in the second call to DESCINIT in example1.f shouldn't be MB rather than
NB, since the fourth argument is MB in the first call to DESCINIT.
I also thinks the fact that MB must equal NB for PDGESV merits a comment
in example1.f

Ulf Andersson, application expert, Center for Parallel Computers (PDC)
PDC, Nada, KTH                  tel. +46 8 790 6206 & +46 70 275 6206
100 44 Stockholm, Sweden        fax: +46 8 247 784   Visiting address: Teknikr. 14 room 410  

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