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[Scalapack] LAPACK Error Report (fwd)

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Date: Thu,  8 Jun 2006 10:47:04 -0400 (EDT)
From: ake.sandgren@Domain.Removed
Subject: LAPACK Error Report

LAPACK Error Report Submission.

Package:     ScaLAPACK
Type:        routine-source
Description: Subscript out of range.
Lots of the tests in the scalapack 1.7.4 package is tripping on "subscript out 
of range" when compiled with Portland.

Could you please test this too?
I can supply more detailed info on the xcbrd test especially.

     Machine Information

System:          Dual Opteron
OS:              Ubuntu 606
Compiler:        Portland 6.1-5
Compiler flags:  -tp k8-64 -Kieee -g -Mbounds
BLAS:            The one from lapack3e
Atlas options:
BLACS:           1.1patch3 MPI

      Personal Information

First name:  ?ke
Last name:   Sandgren
Email:       ake.sandgren@Domain.Removed
Company:     HPC2N
Position:    Sys.adm.
Experience:  installer

Thu Jun  8 10:47:27 2006

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