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[Scalapack] Is there a version of PDLASET that doesn't affect the diagon

Hi Rick,

you may call PDLASET in the following way to get what you want:

CALL PDLASET( 'Lower triangular', M-1, M-1, ZERO, ZERO, A,
     $                 IA+1, JA, DESCA )

This call will make A in upper Hessenberg form (given that the upper
triangular part, including the diagonal, contains something nonzero).

Hope that helps,
Robert Granat

Rick Muller wrote:

I'm interested in using the PDLASET routine to only zero the lower 
triangle of a matrix, and *not* the diagonal itself. Is there a 
routine (or a way to call PDLASET) that does this? I've been hunting 
through the ScaLAPACK source, but haven't had any luck.

Thanks in advance...


Rick Muller
rmuller@Domain.Removed <mailto:rmuller@Domain.Removed>


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