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[Scalapack] Scalapack problem


I have a problem using the pzgetrf() function of Scalapack. I try to
solve a matrix of size [12629,12629].
It could be an identity matrix:
A(i,i)=DCMPLX(1.0,0.0) else (A(i,j)=DCMPLX(0.0,0.0)

The problem comes from the fact that integer are used to memory adresse
calculation in (Pbtools.h) Mptr() macro called in
To temporary solve my problem, I have remplaced Mptr() definition:
#define    Mptr( a_, i_, j_, lda_, siz_ ) \
              ( (a_) + ( ( (i_)+(j_)*(lda_) )*(siz_) ) )
#define    Mptr( a_, i_, j_, lda_, siz_ ) \
              ( (a_) + ( (off_t) ( (off_t)(i_)+(off_t)(j_)*(off_t)(lda_)
)*(off_t)(siz_) ) )
It seems to work but I do not guarranty that this modification solve all
problem of memory adress calculation with integer in Scalapack.

Could you please help me on this problem?

Thanks for your help.

Best Regards
John Moyard

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