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[Scalapack] Error in TESTING/EIG/PZSDPSUBTST.f

Dear Christof,

To answer your two questions: This was an *unknown* *bug*.

Well spotted. Thanks a lot. That one was a big and nasty one. I can not 
understand how this bug managed to survive that long.

The patch is to change in PDSDPSUBTST the call to PDSEPCHK. It is line 
380. What need to be change is the second parameter. It should not be NZ 
but N.

(NZ then becomes a no-use variable so can be removed from the list of 
variables at the beginning of PDSPSUBTST.)

Our local SVN repository is updated, the change will be released in 
1.8.1 (since we just released 1.8.0, we'll wait for one or two more small 
changes like this one before releasing 1.8.1.)

Best wishes,

On Tue, 10 Apr 2007, Christoph van W?llen wrote:

Dear Scalapack team,

I came accross many error messages when testing xzsep. It boils down to
subroutine PZSDPSUBTST, where a local scalar NZ
is defined, but never initialized. However it is
used as an input argument to PZSEPCHK.

Is this a) known or unknown, b) a feature or a bug?


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