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[Scalapack] BLACs usage


I am trying to build PETSc with MUMPS.

MUMPS requires Scalapack, which is already installed, and to which I am 
pointing when configuring PETSc (and which do not appear to be causing 
any problem):


Next, I am told that I need to also specify BLACs (or request for it to be 
downloaded and installed).

There is an existing BLACs installation, with files "libblacs.a", 
"libblacsCinit.a", and "libblacsF77init.a".

Simply pointing to the former, as with


does not work.  Is it easy to explain how one is expected to link with the 
BLACs?  Do I include one (or both) of the other libraries?  Does it matter 
which order?


        -Tom Cortese

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