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[Scalapack] The error in the Example Program #1 in Scalapack User's guid

To whom it may concern:

I'm Sunny Park and I'm doing a research in Purdue University. Recently, I'm 
modifying our big code using the ScaLAPACK in order to get the efficiency. 
While I'm solving same matrix as the posted on your website
), I find that your solution is not right because your local matrix is not 
right. In the process grid(1,0), 'C' should be '-C'. If you check this linear 
system with your answer, you will find out that your answer is not right.
(Please check the 8th line in matrix A with your answer. it's not zero)

I am not sure you already know this fact. Although you might know this, I just 
would like to let you know this not to make a person who spend a whole week to 
debug their code comparing with the posted example like me.


P.S. I always appreciate such a nice Scalapack.   

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