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[Scalapack] scalapack on coreDuo?


I am a master's degree student begininig to work on my thesis, which is
about semiconductor simulations. My advisor told me I will do it on a
cluster (with xeon and itanium procesors), using ScaLapack and Fortran.

In order to practice, before to start I'd like to install those tools on my
laptop, is it possible?, i.e. :

I'd like to know if it's possible to use ScaLapack/Blacs on an Apple Laptop
(it has a core duo processor)?

The machine is:
Mac OSX 10.4 (tiger)
Intel Core 2 Duo

Thanks, and best regards


P.S. If I'm rigth, Lapack is to be used on 1-processor machines, and
ScaLapack is to be used on multi-processor machines, or clusters, is it

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