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[Scalapack] scalapack on coreDuo?

On Thu, 2007-08-30 at 21:18 -0500, temok wrote:

I am a master's degree student begininig to work on my thesis, which
is about semiconductor simulations. My advisor told me I will do it on
a cluster (with xeon and itanium procesors), using ScaLapack and

In order to practice, before to start I'd like to install those tools
on my laptop, is it possible?, i.e. :

I'd like to know if it's possible to use ScaLapack/Blacs on an Apple
Laptop (it has a core duo processor)? 

The machine is:
Mac OSX 10.4 (tiger)
Intel Core 2 Duo

Thanks, and best regards


P.S. If I'm rigth, Lapack is to be used on 1-processor machines, and
ScaLapack is to be used on multi-processor machines, or clusters, is
it rigth? 

yes you can install ScaLAPACK on your laptop. Note, also, that it is
possible to run multiple MPI tasks on a single processor (not
necessarily a multicore) and, thus, for development you don't really
need a cluster. I wouldn't suggest running more than 4 MPI tasks on a
single processor. 
It may happen, though, that you have bugs that only show up for high
numbers of MPI tasks or that you want to observe some behavior that it
is not possible to observe for low processes count (this depends on your
particular application); in this case it would be better to use a
bigger, multiprocessor machine.


Alfredo Buttari PhD,
Innovative Computing Laboratory,
UTK Computer Science Dept. 
1122 Volunteer Blvd. Knoxville, TN 37996 
Tel: 001-865-974-9985

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