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[Scalapack] Compiling BLACS TEST

please take a look at : 
to correct the problem of the blacs tester

Your does not look right.
Copy the BMAKES/Bmake.MPI-Linux as your

then modify
    MPIdir = /opt/mpich
    MPIdev = ch-p4
    MPIplat = LINUX
    MPILIBdir = $(MPIdir)/)/lib
    MPIINCdir = $(MPIdir)/include
    MPILIB = $(MPILIBdir)/libmpich.a

for F77 use mpif77 and for CC use mpicc

That should work.

On Oct 5, 2007, at 9:54 AM, mannunzi@Domain.Removed wrote:


I'm attempting to install BLACS on Linux Suse 9.3. was modified and exectubales in /INSTALL/EXE
was created.

But compiling with 'make tester' gives errors (See attachements)

Could you please help me in this installation step ?

Thanks in advance,
                  Mario Annunziato

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