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[Scalapack] How to install mpiblacs

Hello, I want to setup MPI in my Linux computer that is one quadpole computer .

I had been download three package, i.e. mpich2-1.0.6p1.tar.gz , mpiblacs.gz and 

But, it still have some problems that I can't understand.

First, I installed mpich package in my computer, and it is no error to done.

But, I am not sure whether it work or not. How can I make sure this mpich 
package that install is success?

Second question, I had been read README in BLACS/ and modify "" file.

But, it show some error for me and I still don't what's mean.

So in this mail it includes some file that I had been setup in my computer. 
(i.e. "" and "error.txt")

Could you have any suggestions or offer clues for me?

Or Could you give me the example to let me check my file by myself?

    From : Yung-Ting Lee.
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