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[Scalapack] question

Hi, I'm using the example scaex.f in order to solve Ax=b. Actually, I 
implemented the program so I can use the A&b that I'm interested in.

Question: could I get some advice as to how chose the 'memory' parameters 
in scaex.f so I can do big A's?

So far, I've been able to do A's of N=22,048. When I go above this, the 
program doesn't run. For instance, the message for N=25,536 is:

"Unable to perform test: need TOTMEM of at least         -1685545584 "

I'm running on a Xeon-Quad cluster with 2GB of ram on each node. 

Thanks for your help


Dr. Bernardo Mendoza                    | email:
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MEXICO                                  |
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