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[Scalapack] Problems on Linking...

Hi There,

I'm trying to compile a fortran program on a Sunfire x4100 (Opteron), and
I'm getting problems on linking the library, can you point me out the
correct way to do it ?
This is the way I'm trying:

-bash-3.00$ mpif90  -o ./lapw1c_mpi abc.o atpar.o bandv1.o calkpt.o cbcomb.o
coors.o cputim.o  dblr2k.o dgeqrl.o dgewy.o dgewyg.o dlbrfg.o dsbein1.o
dscgst.o dstebz2.o dsyevx2.o dsyr2m.o dsyrb4.o  dsyrb5l.o dsyrdt4.o dsywyv.o
dsyxev4.o dvbes1.o  eisps.o errclr.o errflg.o forfhs.o gaunt1.o gaunt2.o
gbass.o gtfnam.o hamilt.o hns.o horb.o inikpt.o  inilpw.o lapw1.o latgen.o
lmsort.o locdef.o lohns.o  lopw.o matmm.o modules.o nn.o outerr.o outwin.o
prtkpt.o prtres.o pzheevx16.o rdswar.o  rint13.o rotate.o rotdef.o seclit.o
seclr4.o seclr5.o  select.o service.o setkpt.o setwar.o sphbes.o stern.o
tapewf.o ustphx.o vectf.o warpin.o wfpnt.o wfpnt1.o  ylm.o zhcgst.o
zheevx2.o zher2m.o  jacdavblock.o make_albl.o global2local.o  par_syrk.o
my_dsygst.o refblas_dtrsm.o seclit_par.o  pdsyevx17.o pdstebz17.o
-L../SRC_lib -xlic_lib=sunperf -llapack_lapw
-L../../../../../opt/local/lib/scalapack-1.8.0/ -lscalapack
-L../../../../../opt/local/lib/BLACS/LIB/ -lblacs_MPI-SUN4SOL2-0.a

ld: fatal: library -lblacs_MPI-SUN4SOL2-0.a: not found
ld: fatal: File processing errors. No output written to ./lapw1c_mpi

As you see the scalapack it going ok, but the blacs isnt.
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