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[Scalapack] (URGENT) Blacs installation

Dear Sir,

I am very new in MPI and BLACS installation. I have followed your instruction 
to install BLACS, everything was going smoothly untill  when I wrote :"make 
xfmpi_sane", I received the following message: "make: *** No rule to make 
target `home/hana/openmpi-1.2.8/include/mpif.h', needed by `mpif.h'.  Stop."

I should say that I am using openmpi-1.2.8 on opensuse 11.0 with gfortran. I 
have set accordingly but only this command ran to have problems. I 
have also edited the "Bmake" following the instruction in "openmpi" frequently 
asked questions.

I am very much in need to compile blacs in a correct way, therefore, I'd be 
glad to have your quick response.

Hana milani

Ph.D Student


** R. Clint Whaley, PhD ** Assist Prof, UTSA ** **

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