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[Scalapack] LAPACK compilation with --downlapack option


I have been trying to use the scalapack installer, with the "download 
all" options, i.e.:
--downblas --downblacs --downlapack

The programm fails at the moment of the LAPACK install (see full 
transcript at the end of the e-mail).

I suspect this is to do with the fact that lapack now wants to be 
compiled with f90 (but I could be wrong - maybe something else is wrong ?).
I do have mpif90 installed, but there doesn't seem to be an option in 
the installed to indicate the path to it.

Do you have an idea what could be wrong ?

Thanks !

Miska Le Louarn


miska at mcaomaster:scalapack_installer_0.94> ./ --mpicc 
/NFS/Compiled_with_gcc32_64bit/mpich- --mpif77 
/NFS/Compiled_with_gcc32_64bit/mpich- --prefix 
/NFS/Compiled_with_gcc32_64bit/SCALAPACK_1.8.0 --downblas --downblacs 
Setting up the framework

mpicc is  /NFS/Compiled_with_gcc32_64bit/mpich-
mpif77 is  /NFS/Compiled_with_gcc32_64bit/mpich-
Install directory is... /NFS/Compiled_with_gcc32_64bit/SCALAPACK_1.8.0
Looking for mpi.h... found in 
Checking if mpicc works... yes
Checking if mpif77 works... yes
Setting Fortran mangling... -Df77IsF2C
Setting download command...
Checking availability of urllib... available
Testing urllib... not working
Checking availablility of wget... available
Testing wget... working
Setting ranlib command... /usr/bin/ranlib
Detecting Fortran compiler... unknown
Detecting C compiler... unknown
Selected C compiler flags: -O3
Selected Fortran77 compiler flags: -O3
Selected loader flags (C main):
Selected loader flags (F77 main):
Selected NOOPT flags:
Checking loader... works

   BLAS installation/verification

The reference BLAS library is being installed.
Don't expect high performance from this reference library!
If you want performance, you need to use an optimized BLAS library and,
to avoid unnecessary complications, if you need to compile this 
optimized BLAS
library, use the same compiler you're using here.
Downloading reference BLAS... done
Unzip and untar reference BLAS... done
Compile and generate reference BLAS... done
Installation of reference BLAS successful.
(log is in 
/data/NFS/Compiled_with_gcc32_64bit/SCALAPACK_1.8.0/log/blaslog )

   Lapack installation/verification
  Download and install LAPACK from
Download LAPACK... done
Unzip and untar LAPACK... done
Writing done.
Compiling LAPACK (this will take several minutes)...

LAPACK: error building LAPACK
spstrf.f: In subroutine `spstrf':
spstrf.f:102: warning:
          INTRINSIC          MAX, MIN, SQRT, MAXLOC
Reference to unimplemented intrinsic `MAXLOC' at (^) (assumed EXTERNAL)
          INTRINSIC          MAX, MIN, SQRT, MAXLOC
Invalid declaration of or reference to symbol `maxloc' at (^) [initially 
seen at (^)]
                         ITEMP = MAXLOC( WORK( (N+J):(2*N) ), 1 )
                                         1          2
Invalid token at (2) in expression or subexpression at (1)
                         ITEMP = MAXLOC( WORK( (N+J):(2*N) ), 1 )
                                         1          2
Invalid token at (2) in expression or subexpression at (1)
make[1]: *** [spstrf.o] Error 1
make: *** [lapacklib] Error 2


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