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[Scalapack] ZGEEV in ScaLAPACK

Dear ScaLAPACK-Team,

as I read in the ScaLAPACK-forum, there is unfortunately no routine for 
LAPACK's ZGEEV implemented in ScaLAPACK. Since this thread was from 
2007, I think, I wanted to ask you whether you plan to implement 
something like PZGEEV into ScaLAPACK or if you still refer to the 
forum-threads and the advices given there. In case you don't remember 
the advice, you've shown a way to seperate the complex problem into two 
real problems which then have to deal with once again non-parallel 
dgeev. There the real eigenvalues are counted twice and so on and so forth.

Do you have any advices where I can find a routine which can solve my 
problem or are there any ideas how one could write a routine himself?

Best regards and thanks for your answer.

Bj?rn Oetzel

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