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[Scalapack] Problems

I would like to install LAPACK and BLAS librairies in my computer with LINUX 
platform to be used for WRFDA.
So, i need to install ATLAS so that i optimized the librairies; but when doing 
it i gor some problems. 
I don't know how to fill properly the's file (ARCH, ......) and the 
first step when instaling ATLAS.
I already have downloaded the lapack3.2.1 and atlas 9.14.
I read the user's guide

Ph-D Student at the 
Laboratory of Environmental Modeling and Atmospheric Physic (LEMAP)
Faculty of Science
University of Yaounde I, Cameroun 
and National Advanced training School for Technical Education,
Electricity Engeneering, Douala
Tel:+237 75 32 58 52


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