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[Scalapack] Netlib parallel package - ScaLAPACK (ExxonMobil)

I am a Contract Analyst from ExxonMobil, I have a request for Netlib
parallel package v 1.7. I have been researching and found I License
Agreement ( I have attached in this e-mail), is these the license that will
rule this application?
Is this software an open source? Does it have an ECCN number?
Looking forward to an answer. Thanks in advance.

 Dalton Luis Scremin Jr                                                     
 CA, Contract Administration-SA                                             
 Global Strategic Services/Software Services                                
 ExxonMobil BSC Brasil Ltda.                                                
 Phone number (+55 41) 3259-8580 (A2W 302-8580)                             
 Fax number:(+55 41) 2102-9944                                              
 Email: dalton.l.scremin@Domain.Removed                                     

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