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[Scalapack] next ScaLAPACK - missing PDSYGVD, PDSYEVR, etc.

PDSYEVR is there. We did not release it yet but it works fine. Do you want 
it? We have distributed to few individuals already. The code has been 
written by Christof Voemel. We are missing time to add some TESTING and 
then we can release. People have tried and were satisfied. The interface 
is about the same as other PDSEYVx.

For the generalized symmetric eigenvalue problem PDSYGVD and PDSYGVR, (I 
know it sounds a joke) but it's not too hard to do oneself ...
done. Look at PDSYGVX. This is in the todo list since a while sorry about 

Can you describe the type of application that would need these routines? 
That might motivate sme of us to spend the time writing the drivers.

Best wishes,

On Mon, 11 Jan 2010, naromero@Domain.Removed wrote:


This question must get asked a lot and I do not wish to be annoying:

When is the next release of ScaLAPACK? And will it include:

PDSYGVD, D&C for generalized eigenvalue problem
PDSYEVR, MR^3 for standard eigenvalue problem
PDSYGVR, MR^3 for generalized eigenvalue problem

Also, I know that ScaLAPACK uses the 2D block-cyclic distribution, but is
there anyway to get irregular distributions like those supported in SRUMMA?

I frequently get away with 2D block distribution for PDGEMM operations 
can be provided). But having irregular distributions, would seem to be 
currently impossible.

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