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[Scalapack] Installer 0.96 problem: Missing required environmental varia

Dear Scalapack development team,

I encountered a problem when compiling scalapack using the scalapack_installer 

After I run the following scripts,

./ --downblas --downlapack --f90=ifort

It always returned error complaining missing environmental variable MPIRUN_RANK 
with different mpich and compilers.   Below you can find an example.    How can 
I get rid of the error?

Thanks in advance.

Morris Law
IT Coordinator, Faculty of Science
Hong Kong Baptist University

Setting up the framework

The Fortran 90/95 compiler is  ifort
Looking for MPI binaries... mpicc and mpif77 found.
mpicc : /u1/local/mvapich1-icc/bin/mpicc
mpif77 :/u1/local/mvapich1-icc/bin/mpif77
Looking for mpi.h... found in /u1/local/mvapich1-icc/include
Checking if mpicc works...

COMMON: mpicc not working! aborting...
error is:
PMGR_COLLECTIVE ERROR: unitialized MPI task: Missing required environment 
variable: MPIRUN_RANK


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