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[Scalapack] LDLt factorization

Hello David,

There is no LDLT in ScaLAPACK at this point. If we were to start, we would 
probably start with ZHETRF (Hermitian indefinite) as opposed to ZSYTRF 
(complex symmetric) but both would probably come at the same time.

There is increasing pressure on us to provide such a functionnality, 
thanks for letting us know and adding to the pressure!

I believe you can still use PZGETRF (general complex matrix). This double 
the time and double the memory requirement but at least provide the answer 
in a (weakly) scalable way.

Best wishes,

On Wed, 5 May 2010, David Goudin wrote:

I am in charge of a code?and for this code?I need a parallel LDLt 
factorization for a dense complex (double precision) linear system.
The matrix is symetric positive definite, BUT non Hermitian. Could you help 
me ? If not, do you know a library or some people who work
on this problem ?
Thanks a lot.
Best regards, have a very nice day.
David Goudin

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