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[Scalapack] A new storage scheme to solve general five diagonal matrix

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have developed a general five diagonal n*n matrix solver by
allocating six, one dimensional arrays (nx1).

This matrix is used excessively  for solving pressure and velocity in CFD
(Computational Fluid Dynamics). A five diagonal matrix which is used in CFD
is a bounded matrix with a major diagonal plus two upper
diagonal, that  there are some optional zeroes diagonals between them, and
the same for lower diagonals.

In traditional solvers like (DMCHB or DGELB subroutines) we hove to store
the zeroes between two upper and lower diagonals, but in the present method
we don't need to allocate these zeroes.

Have you seen yet a program by this features?

Sincerely yours.

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