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[Scalapack] REPEATABLE SUM TEST failure

I have been given the task of figuring out how to build Scalapack and
BLACS on general platforms.  I started out by trying to build the BLACS
on my workstation,
[dmday at bandar BLACS]$ arch

[dmday at bandar BLACS]$ mpirun --version
mpirun (Open MPI) 1.4.2

Changes to
    MPIdir = /usr/local/openmpi-1.4.2
    MPILIBdir =
    MPILIB =
    INTFACE = -DAdd_
 #  TRANSCOMM = -DCSameF77
    F77            = mpif7
    CC             = mpicc

I'm not defining TRANSCOMM.  The libraries are built
The tester compiles and links.
However the tests 
mpirun -np 4 xFbtest_MPI-LINUX-0
mpirun -np 4 xCbtest_MPI-LINUX-0
mpirun --mca btl sm,self -np 4 xFbtest_MPI-LINUX-0

all hang during the RUNNING REPEATABLE SUM TEST.

How do you suggest that I proceed?
David Day

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