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Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2011 13:32:29 -0000
From: Marios Iakovidis <marios.iakovidis@Domain.Removed>
To: netlib_maintainers@Domain.Removed
Subject: ScaLAPACK's MRRR algorithm


I am developing an algorithm that treats Hamiltonian matrices by reducing its 
size and then diagonalizing.
link to a relatively old poster:

I would like to benchmark my algorithm against PZHEEVR (parallel Multiple 
Relatively Robust Representations),
is it possible to provide me with some info as to how I could obtain it?

Thank you for your time!

Marios Iakovidis
Electronic Theory Group

Tyndall National Institute
University College Cork
Lee Maltings

Dyke Parade
Cork, Ireland
Tel: +353 21 490 4018

Email: marios.iakovidis@Domain.Removed


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