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[Scalapack] Question about pdgbtrf code

Hi Razvan,

I think the work in ScaLAPACK was mostly done by Andrew Cleary. See his two 
papers in Europar 97 and Europar 99 about the subject.
Peter Arbenz might be a good point of contact as well. The two recent work I am 
aware about on banded parallel distributed solver is from Polizzi
and Sameh (SPIKE) and Mikkelsen and Kagstrom.


On Jan 18, 2012, at 7:06 AM, julie langou wrote:

Dear Razvan,
Did you check out the lawns:
You will find many publications on parallel solvers in ScaLAPACK.

On Jan 17, 2012, at 10:47 AM, Mr. Razvan Corneliu Carbunescu wrote:

Hello Sir/Madam,

        I recently did some work on analyzing the communication costs of  band 
solvers and within that work looked over the ScaLAPACK pdgbtrf code also. 
However I was not able to easily find in the LAPACK/ScaLAPACK working notes the 
reference to the paper that the code was written from or a name/contact for the 
code writer; I was wondering if I could get a pointer in the right direction 
either to a paper/report where the algorithm is described or the contact 
information for the code writer. Thank you for your help,

Razvan Carbunescu

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