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[Scalapack] PSSYEVR fails in SLARRD with JOBZ='N', succeeds with JOBZ='V


I'm trying to use SCALAPACK 2.0.1 to make use of the new eigenvalue 
routines, eg PSSYEVR.

Both the routines in TESTING/EIG/xdsyevr and my own attempts fail when 
just querying the eigenvalues, but pass when setting JOBZ='V', although 
I'd prefer not to do have to do that.  The corresponding calls to PSSYEV 

The failures from xdsyevr are of the form

{    0,    2}:  On entry to DSTEGR2 parameter number -101 had an illegal 

which I understand to result from the call to DLARRD failing,  and I end 
up with

Finished    136 tests, with the following results:
    92 tests completed and passed residual checks.
     0 tests completed without checking.
     0 tests skipped for lack of memory.
    44 tests completed and failed.

Presumably those test cases are intended to succeed; any suggestions for 
where I should be looking?   Could this be an underlying LAPACK problem? 
   It seems like its would have to be a fairly narrow problem  to only 
come up in the eigenvalue-only code path.

        - Jonathan
Jonathan Dursi | SciNet, Compute/Calcul Canada

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