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[Scalapack] [Lapack] 2 bugs (lapack and scalapack)

Dear Eric,
Thanks a lot for your bug report.

Hello [Sca]LAPACK Team,

I have 2 bugs to report.  They are not functionality or performance 
related, but affect the creation and use of dynamic-library versions of 
LAPACK 3.4.0 and ScaLAPACK 2.0.1 with Intel and PGI compilers.

The first: at lapack-3.4.0/SRC/stprfb.f: 283 the SLACGV routine is 
defined EXTERNAL, but is never referenced.  This causes intel and pgi to 
throw undefined reference errors when linking applications against a 
dynamic-library version of lapack.  That declaration should be removed.

This has already been reported and it was corrected in rev 1091 in our LAPACK 
repository but it is not yet released.

The second: at scalapack-2.0.1/SRC/pdlaqr2.f: 239 there is a missing 
comma at the end of the line, which causes the DGEBR2D and IGEBS2D 
tokens to be concatenated, which again leads to undefined references 
with the intel and pgi compilers.

Indeed! The correction has been made (revision 170).
The changes are available from the scalapack-dev svn server, and of course they 
will be in the next ScaLAPACKrelease.


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