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[Scalapack] 2 bugs (lapack and scalapack)

Hello [Sca]LAPACK Team,

I have 2 bugs to report.  They are not functionality or performance 
related, but affect the creation and use of dynamic-library versions of 
LAPACK 3.4.0 and ScaLAPACK 2.0.1 with Intel and PGI compilers.

The first: at lapack-3.4.0/SRC/stprfb.f: 283 the SLACGV routine is 
defined EXTERNAL, but is never referenced.  This causes intel and pgi to 
throw undefined reference errors when linking applications against a 
dynamic-library version of lapack.  That declaration should be removed.

The second: at scalapack-2.0.1/SRC/pdlaqr2.f: 239 there is a missing 
comma at the end of the line, which causes the DGEBR2D and IGEBS2D 
tokens to be concatenated, which again leads to undefined references 
with the intel and pgi compilers.

`~Eric Bavier, Cray Inc.

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