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[Scalapack] unable to test BLACS

 I am trying to install BLACS, I got it installed without any problems,
but I am unable to run the tests They give me error, I am not sure what
is the root cause of this
I will be thankful for the help

configuration I am using is 2x AMD 6276
I am using CENTOS 4.5 with IFORT9.1.036 and MKL 8.1.1 and openmpi1.6

I have used TRANSCOMM = -DUseMpi2 and INTFACE = -DAdd_

I run the files xCbtest_MPI-LINUX-O in the EXE folder using the command
mpirun -np 4 xCbtest_MPI-LINUX-O

I get the following error
BLACS WARNING 'No need to set message ID range due to MPI communicator'
from {-1,-1}, pnum=0, Contxt=-1, on line 18 of file 'blacs_set.c'.

Sample BLACS tester run


BLACS ERROR 'Illegal grid (2x2), #procs=1'
from {-1,-1}, pnum=0, Contxt=-1, on line -1 of file
MPI_ABBORT was invoked on rank 0 in communicator MPI_COMM_WORLD
with errorcode 1

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