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[Scalapack] looking for PDSBTRI and PDSBTRD

Hi Nichols, 

You are correct, the block divide and conquer algorithm from Bai and Ward never 
made it into ScaLAPACK
although their code is written in ScaLAPACK. (And although Bob Ward's office 
was one floor below the one 
of ICL at that time.)


On Aug 31, 2012, at 9:03 PM, Nichols A. Romero <naromero@Domain.Removed> wrote:


I am looking for PDSBTRI and PDSBTRD which are described in this paper:

They don't see to be a part of the official ScaLAPACK. Although, they appear 
to have been written on top of BLACS/ScaLAPACK at some point.

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